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Wash Out

The Motivation Game

The Motivation Game offers a unique perspective on the mental game and player development in golf. The reader will be introduced to new ideas based on both motivational science and the author's 20+ years of consulting with golfers. It explores how the mind works, highlights key motivation factors, and outlines validated strategies for playing and practicing. This book was written for golfers, instructors, coaches, parents, and psychologists looking to delve more deeply into psychological principles that can be creatively applied to golf-related challenges. 

Amazon #1 New Release; Amazon Best-Seller: 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022

Shipping in US Only (Signed Copy Total Cost including Tax and Shipping: $25)

Wash Out

What People Have Said

Competitive Amateur Golfer, U.S.

"Nothing I've read is as spot-on as your work here."

Sport Psychologist, U.S.

"I really think it may be the best translation of SDT (Self-Determination Theory) to the sport I have seen and more"

Competitive Amateur Golfer, 1 handicap index, Australia

"I have learned a lot about myself and never before read a book that became more and more like a mirror to my approach and behavior within the game."

PGA Professional, U.S.

"It has to be the clearest interpretation of psychology in golf that I have ever read."

Golf Performance Coach, U.K.

"Great book. Lots of excellent concepts, thoughts, and ideas."

Competitive Amateur Golfer, +5 handicap index, U.S.

"It's the best golf book I've ever read. It's also the best psychology book I've ever read."

Performance Psychologist, U.S.

"It's an absolute master class in motivation and psychology of game improvement."

Avid Golfer, U.K.

"This should be the PGA Training Manual."

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